DATA: The Intelligence Behind it All

August 5, 2008

A good Direct Marketing strategy depends on building and exploiting a database intelligently. What would such a database look like and how would I assemble one you ask? Well, at the risk of spoiling the plot, don’t worry we have already done the work for you.


What would it look like?

Well, to start with, you would want all the relevant information.


·          Debtor Name

·          Street Address

·          City, ST, Zip +4

·          Homeowner (yes/no)

·          Phone Number

·          Classification (Federal/State)

·          Action Date

·          Amount

·          Case Number

·          Add Date


The more information you have the more cost effective and the better the response rate you will get. For example, if you work with clients that have a $15,000 and greater tax debt, why would you spend money marketing to those who don’t?


When would this information be most effective?

It is important to access this information when it is fresh and just filed. We have found if you market to these customers within the first 30 days of the lien being filed your response rate will more than triple. That is why we offer this information and Direct Market to these prospects on a monthly, weekly, and even a daily basis.


How do I market to these leads?

There is only one media available that offers a 98% penetration once you have pinpointed your target audience. And that is through the US Postal Service. This is why we Direct Market to these customers, on an personal basis, with one of our hard hitting mailers.


Hill Marketing has one of the most comprehensive databases on individuals and businesses with tax liens against them. Our Nation wide coverage is second to none. This information is collected from courthouses and update on a daily basis. We will down load all available tax liens over night, so first thing in the morning we have the freshest database.


Direct Mail vs Mass Media

August 3, 2008

Media costs reflect reach and capacity – with Direct Mail you get both.


The price paid for media space or airtime depends on the audience and the volume of advertising in medium. But it’s not always the case that you get what you pay for. As media fragmentation reduces the coverage for individual stations and press, media owners try to protect their revenue. Most push media prices up, while their audience decreases. Direct Mail is unique because it does not operate this way.


Index costs for TV, Radio, Press and Direct Mail show how mainstream media have found it harder to maintain their effectiveness, while Direct Mail remains consistently good value. TV and Radio audiences have been fragmented by the growth in number of channels and stations (Cable and Satellite TV/Radio) available and commercial airtime has also ballooned. While press has been loosing readership at alarming rates over the last couple of decades, and the median age of newspaper readers is now 55+. Yet the cost of advertising in these media has risen over the last couple of decades.


With Direct Mail, effectiveness has been maintained with no loss of reach. In fact, most areas have increased in market size due to recent burst in population growth. Stability of price and coverage makes the medium easier to plan and budget for – and there are no capacity restraints or audiences that cannot be reached. You judge your media, remember Direct Mail always gets through.


How is Direct Mail Different?


  • Results are directly measurable

1)  You can often see that advertising works, but not which parts worked best. Direct Mail results reveal precisely what works and what doesn’t.

2)  You can test different mailings or elements, different timings and targeting to see what works best.

3)  Changes in important factors, such as product, positioning or price, new lists and new creative can produce startling increases in sales – for very little investment.

4)  The knowledge gained enables you to fine-tune or alter your plans.

  • You speak to somebody, not everybody, reducing waste

1)  A good database enables your Direct Mail to reach your best prospects.

2)  Direct Mail is perfect for hitting special groups like prospects with $10,000 plus tax lien filed against them recently.

3)  “Advertising takes a horse to water. Direct Mail makes it drink.” Once people start reading, you’ve got them on their own. You’re not competing with the next spot, the ad facing or the next poster.

4)  You can vary the message to suit the recipient.

5)  Direct mail can increase loyalty.

6)  Direct Mail often focuses on immediate action.